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Through working together to create a finished product, students learn to incorporate different approaches and to leverage individual strengths for a higher-quality outcome.

Music and all the arts are essential in education to provide this opportunity to discover oneself and learn to feel beyond simply "doing" mindlessly. Arts create common goal activities in which students can express themselves and learn to work with all different kinds of people and personalities towards a common, shared goal. I have witnessed many student confessions showing how music or dance gave them a positive outlet for their life, literally saving them from turning down a dark path. Music is the only subject that engages the left and right brain simultaneously. I encourage everyone who doubts the power of and need for music in this world to go an entire day without any arts interaction. If you find it remotely possible, I would love to have you contact me personally. "When words fail, music speaks!"

Music programs in public schools help to foster a student's sense of pride and self-confidence. Teens today carry heavy baggage – not merely their backpacks, but the additional emotional weight of family problems, self-confidence issues, relationship troubles, and choices about drugs and alcohol. All of these can hinder academic success, but music education can help. The teamwork required for chorus, band, symphony, and orchestra lets students benefit from a setting that fosters acceptance and group strength.

Music programs encourage students to work together to produce an excellent performance that is both mentally challenging and confidence-building with the support of their peers. Music crosses language, class, cultural, and political boundaries to share humanity through its beauty. The universal appeal of music allows students from different countries to connect on an equal intellectual and emotional level. Music education remains a key component in a student's academic success and in positive social and emotional growth. It enhances students' abilities while creating ambassadors who can share the universal language of music.