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Students learn to think about problems from a variety of viewpoints and increase problem-solving skills.

For me, music is a way to escape from the outside world. You can sit down, play away, and forget about your worries. No matter all the stress in the world, everyone can always turn to music, and should have the option to. Many kids won't have a way to express themselves, or a way to get away from their busy lives, if a school music program isn't provided.

I have a 6th grader playing trumpet and a 10th grader playing trumpet also. Both started with the recorder in 3rd grade. This early start really helped them greatly in music and academics. The joy of playing recorder as a group and progressing to trumpet in 4th grade band provided an avenue to express themselves, unleash creativity, and introduced how discipline and commitment can produce tangible results — my 10th grader has been in Florida All-State three years in a row and 1st chair for two of them. The pursuit of music has opened opportunities to travel, and allows them both to experience a little taste of college at a young age.

I graduated from a small high school where music was not appreciated. I realized its importance – it helped me build connections to every other subject area. It has been like brain food – working my brain in ways other subject areas cannot. It has been an outlet for expression and creativity, and the whole journey has been incredibly rewarding. I am now studying to become a music educator so that I can help bring music to students who are not fortunate enough to have this music program. Through music, they will learn math, science, history, art, and language. They will have a life-changing experience someday, and right now they do not even know what they are missing.