Inherent Benefits

Emotional Awareness

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Students learn to express themselves in multiple ways and become more sensitive to the preferences and feelings of others.

Music is important to me not only because it can be beautiful or moving or uplifting or exciting. It is important because, like other arts, it expresses more deeply than other endeavors what it means to be human. It bridges the mind with the soul, by reflecting on any part of our human experience, whether that be emotional — expressing love or loss, mathematical — searching for unity and balance, philosophical — seeking meaning in our lives, linguistic — communicating ideas, physical — moving and functioning in relation to others, historical — responding to the past, spiritual — offering nourishment for the soul.

I love music and my music class because it gives me a place I can relax and be myself without being judged. It's the only class in my day that lets me chill out, and I learn more than just how to sing. I learn how to get my point across and how to focus (two things I really lack!)

Without music teaching us how to express ourselves, our emotions will just pile up. Music is also a great way to communicate and a fantastic way to connect with our heritage.