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Anecdotal evidence indicates that music study helps many students stay engaged and interested not only in music class, but also in their other academic work.

Harris Interactive Inc., 2006

Music education literally changed my life. Prior to joining the band in the 6th grade, I was quiet and shy, and very unsure of myself. Even though I had taken piano lessons prior to joining the band, the shared experience of making music with my friends in the band really touched my soul in a whole new way. I remember the excitement of learning to play the clarinet and to make music with other people; I couldn't get enough of music! It is through music that I met some of my best friends and spent some of my most pleasurable hours. I continued to study music in college and eventually earned a master's degree in clarinet performance. Although I chose to make my living in another way, music has always been a huge part of my life. I simply cannot imagine a life without music; I truly feel that music gives wings to my soul!

My son's involvement in orchestra this year not only taught him about the viola and music, but also his interest in orchestra improved his overall school performance. His attitude about school changed and his overall engagement in learning was enhanced. The orchestra program has been the single most beneficial thing that has helped my son with his focus and dedication to his schoolwork. I know that this year is an important decision point in my son's academic career and orchestra has made all the difference for him. Thank you for offering this program at the elementary school level.