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Higher Attendance and Graduation Rates

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Schools with music programs have significantly higher graduation and attendance rates than those without music programs.

Harris Interactive Inc., 2006

Music is vital because it helps to keep at-risk kids engaged in school and extra-curricular activities. It has helped keep my son involved after school and taught him discipline, independence, and responsibility. I am a single mother, and I am so proud that my son will graduate with a high GPA and having participated in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl because he worked hard with his music.

Around 8th and 9th (grade), I began to stray away from music in my life. I got in with a bad crowd, was always in trouble, and let my grades slip. In 10th grade, I became much more involved with music. I had found my niche. I found a strong group of friends, my work ethic and grades became better, and I stayed away from drugs. Music became my life and saved me from a troubled future.