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Music study promotes fluency in knowledge systems beyond the linguistic and mathematical, enabling a deeper and broader understanding of our world and of the human experience.

Music is expression, emotion, understanding, peace, love, and much more. Music to me and many others is a way of life. It takes the stress away with an outlet that is safe and sound. It's a universal language that brings together so many from backgrounds of all kinds. It matures young high school kids into mature adults. It creates a higher level of thinking. But most of all, it allows students to feel compassion, when otherwise they don't feel it at all. Where does the next generation take us? Certainly with music there's an infinite amount of possibilities.

Our brains are wired to respond to sound, and to have a powerful emotional connection to music, so it's only natural that it should be part of our school curriculum. Young children respond instinctively to its elements — chanting, singing, and dancing are part of the natural rhythm and play of early childhood. Aside from the innate joy that singing and dancing brings, songs and rhymes also are ideal vehicles for teaching important concepts to young children and for developing multicultural appreciation. For young adults, music is the perfect place for the neurochemical pyrotechnics of the teenage brain to find an outlet. (It's probably the reason that, even though you have limited memories of those high school math theorems and science formulas, you still know every track of your favorite teenage tunes and prom songs by heart!)

For kids who struggle academically, but have a talent and passion for music, it can be the motivator that brings them to school each day and allows them to shine and feel good about themselves. For kids who are academically strong, music can be the place where they truly are inspired to stretch and reach their full potential. Music in our schools nurtures our young people's hearts, souls, minds, and imagination. If you agree, let your voice be heard, and ensure that "Music in Our Schools" remains a priority for all of our children.