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Music not only impacts academic achievement, it also shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them. Let's think beyond the bubbles™ and educate the whole student.

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What is the #BeyondtheBubblesChallenge?

What is the role of music in educating our nation's students? Music not only impacts academic achievement, it also shapes the way students understand themselves and the world around them. But in this day and age of budget cuts, and with the perpetual hollowing out of the school day curriculum, there is no guarantee anymore of music in schools for countless children across America, who need it the very most. As such, NAfME's award winning Broader Minded: Think Beyond the BubblesTM advocacy campaign was created to offer a compelling and thorough case for providing music education experiences to all. By participating in the #BeyondtheBubblesChallenge, you are assisting NAfME in making certain that ALL students receive access to high quality classroom music education programs, and in doing so, are helping to ensure that they develop into well-rounded people.

Here's how:

Take the #BeyondtheBubblesChallenge!

Step 1: Make a DONATION in support of NAfME's advocacy efforts to protect classroom music education programs all across America!

Step 2: Grab your favorite kind of bubble gum, or any other bubble item!

Step 3: As creatively as possible, record yourself popping bubbles! (because music helps students think BEYOND the bubbles!)

Step 4: Share your video online, using the hashtags #NAfME, #ThinkBeyondtheBubbles, #BeyondtheBubblesChallenge, and #StudentsArentStandardized – be sure to mention the #BeyondtheBubblesChallenge, remind people to #ThinkBeyondtheBubbles, and recount in your video what impact music education has made in YOUR life!

Step 5: Challenge your friends, encourage them to make a $10 donation to help protect music education in America's schools, and let them know that they have 24 hours to pop a bubble or they MUST donate $50 to NAfME's music education advocacy efforts!

Join the Broader Minded Movement!

Learn more about the NAfME advocacy campaign, Broader Minded: Think Beyond the Bubbles: www.broaderminded.com

Explore the NAfME Advocacy Groundswell Blog: http://www.nafme.org/category/advocacy-groundswell-blog/

Purchase Broader Minded merchandise: http://shop.nafme.org/product-category/broader-minded/
*All proceeds from Broader Minded merchandise sales go directly toward supporting NAfME's advocacy efforts to help protect classroom music education programs.

Sign NAfME's petition to keep music education in schools all across America!: http://www.change.org/p/arne-duncan-department-of-education-and-congress-you-say-music-is-a-core-subject-it-s-time-your-policies-reflect-that

Register for the 2014 NAfME National In-Service Conference in Nashville, TN: http://inserviceconference.nafme.org/registration/

Learn more about the National Association for Music Education: www.nafme.org