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Through both the creative and reflective learning process, students gain greater capacity to question, interpret, and influence their own lives.

Music has always been a vital part of my development as a human being. Music taught me vital life skills that carry over into aspects of life such as self-discipline, time management, and other important values. Music has also helped me develop socially, which has made me into the person who I am today. Also if it weren't for music, I would have had no idea of the possibilities that music has on affecting the physiological and psychological states of people. It's because of music that I'm going to be able to help people, by doing what I love everyday.

Music education matters for a lot of reasons. Through music, I have learned how to persevere, and manage my time in a way that no one else would dream they'd need. I know how to work with other people, to balance when to lead and when to follow. As a percussionist, I now know how to be extremely resourceful with limited resources. It has taught me how to work toward a larger goal with others. It has opened my mind to new possibilities, all different kinds of people, and new ways of thinking beyond just music but in life. Music brings people together in an increasingly lonely world.

To pass this on to others, to help other students find their identity, whether they major in music or just do it for enjoyment, is what I want to do. Music is powerful in helping people convey emotions, to communicate with others, and to make connections with the world.